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Huntsville Hospital is Mobilizing Care for Underserved Communities with new Mobile Medical Unit

May 8, 2024 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Huntsville Hospital's new Mobile Medical Unit truck and trailer

Unit fully funded by grants through Huntsville Hospital Foundation

Huntsville Hospital Health System just rolled out a brand-new Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) to meet the needs of underserved neighborhoods and patients in our community. The new truck and 25-foot trailer—custom built for medical capabilities—enables Huntsville Hospital’s skilled care team to more easily hit the road and directly deliver basic and preventative health care at North Alabama senior centers, homeless shelters, nonprofits and community events.

The MMU program offers a safe, caring, predictable environment, and functions as a ‘medical home’ to many — at absolutely no cost to them. Every service associated with the MMU is free of charge, including screenings, diagnostics and even necessary follow-ups like labs or images.

The Unit serves patients up to 22 days per month with recurring screening events, plus clinics at Downtown Rescue Mission and First Stop. Many lives have been touched, changed, prolonged and saved. The new trailer and truck amplifies this work and Huntsville Hospital’s ability to better reach those who depend on them.

“It is important for our seniors to know their numbers so they can be aware and be advocates for themselves,” shared Deitrick Smart, director of the Bob Harrison Center. “They look forward to the Unit coming out. This helps them be on top of their numbers so they can communicate that to their doctors and stay healthy.”

Routine screenings offered include blood sugar, blood pressure and total cholesterol. Patients can get their numbers and be on their way within five minutes.

“The new unit is very beneficial to our community because it is a direct response to what we have seen as a need in our community. It allows us to be more responsive, agile and versatile,” said John Simms, HH Health project coordinator for the Mobile Medical Unit and Community Health Initiative. “We could not do this without community support. Their faith in us to take their gifts and to use them as good stewards to serve the community means a lot.”

The new Mobile Medical Unit was fully funded through grant funding awarded to Huntsville Hospital Foundation from these generous partners: Hearst Foundations, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama, Alpha Foundation, and The Daniel Foundation of Alabama.

“It is fascinating to see it in action … This Unit is a different concept that seems to work so well and be more flexible in meeting the needs of the community,” said Maria Kennedy, executive director of The Daniel Foundation of Alabama. “We are just excited to be a part of it.”

If you are interested in scheduling the MMU, email or call (256) 265-9273. The event must be free and open to the public