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Locally Focused and Volunteer Led

Huntsville Hospital Health System is a not-for-profit network of community hospitals that are similar in mission, vision and values.

We are governed by a volunteer board of directors with local advisory boards providing valuable input in each community. All revenues generated in our system are reinvested back into health care services that are provided to patients that we serve. We are committed to providing vital, but often unprofitable services that are needed in our communities.

Caring for Every Member of Your Community

Our Health System serves as the health care safety net in our region, caring for all patients, regardless of the person’s ability to pay. Last year, charitable and uncompensated care provided by our facilities exceeded $132 million, a figure calculated by our actual cost of providing the care, not the charges for the care.

Serving Beyond the Walls of Your Hospital

HH Health goes beyond the walls of our facilities to meet the needs of all populations in our communities. Outreach programs and health screenings touch thousands of residents annually with preventive and diagnostic services. Mobile medical units increase access to care by delivering services in community centers, churches, schools and at public events. The underserved segment of the community benefits from programs like Huntsville Hospital’s Community Health Initiative which provides funding for innovative health programs from local not-for-profit organizations.

Building and Training Our Workforce

Because health care is a people-intensive business, we must attract and retain highly trained staff to serve our patients. Our Corporate University serves as the umbrella for a variety of professional training and development programs for our system. Partnerships with local community colleges and universities are vital to the pipeline of new employees for our hospitals. By helping build our own workforce we are ensuring that we have the team ready to care for you and your family.

Supporting Your Hospital

Fulfilling our mission of service is expensive and we are grateful for the philanthropic support for our community hospitals. Through our local hospital Foundations, your financial contributions help provide new equipment and technologies, as well as, programs and services that otherwise might not be available.