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Supporting your hospital

Community Philanthropy and Support

Our community hospitals depend on the generous philanthropic support of local community members to help us fulfill our mission. Gifts, bequeaths and support of special events are vital to the work that is done in our hospitals. Without this support many of the services, technologies and programs that we enjoy would be in jeopardy.

Making an Impact

HH Health is grateful for the support of the various Foundations which help provide and sustain the level of care and excellence that we enjoy in communities across the region.

  • Purchasing state-of-the-art equipment
  • Offering free or low-cost health screenings
  • Hosting helpful health-related classes
  • Providing community health education programs
  • Funding employee scholarships

Your Hospital Foundation

Click the links below to learn more about how each of our Foundations is making an impact in its community. You’ll also find current information about upcoming events and other ways to get involved in ensuring the best health care for you and your neighbors.